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Mobility is the word


Today everything is about mobility, but it wasn’t so only few years back. Long before any other player, Acer took a daring path and decided to stake everything on mobility. This courage to change and take risks without ever losing sight of its final objective and without ever straying from its mission has made all the difference.

According to recent forecasts, by 2015 one billion people will use mobile broadband and 1.4 people will have both cabled and mobile connectivity at their disposal to access internet, meaning a total of 2.4 billion people- more than one third of the world population – will have mobile access to the web. In short, internet anytime, anywhere with any device.

As a consequence, new usage models, new user requirements and new form factors will emerge and will change the industry landscape. Because new devices will also open new opportunities. Just like it happened with notebooks, netbooks, smartphones and now tablets.

Acer, a company with both mobility and innovation in its DNA, is in the best position to take advantage of this transformation that is increasingly steering towards usage models and form factors that fit better into an on-the-go lifestyle.

Today Acer is the only vendor to offer a portfolio that meets all mobile needs. From notebooks to netbooks, from tablets to smartphones, Acer’s solutions cover the entire spectrum.
Because Acer’s ambition is to make mobility attractive and immediate for everyone. This means not only creating solutions tailored to the style and needs of its many million customers, but also to develop a range of different devices for specific purposes.

“The next phase of growth in the mobile segment will be driven by a shift to more advanced technologies and a stronger demand for data services over the coming few years. Acer’s expertise and experience as a notebook and PC vendor will help drive the success of our smartphones and tablet,” explains Gianfranco Lanci, President & CEO of Acer Inc. “If we consider the growth of personal computers, we can see how it was driven mainly by Internet, in other words the user's need to connect and navigate. Between connecting and needing to be connected all the time the step is short. Hence the need to have small, portable devices offering complete access to the web."

But non-stop connectivity is just one of the drivers, because user experience needs to be part of the equation. From user-friendliness to seamless web browsing, from easy interaction with social networks to the enjoyment of rich multimedia, mobile devices need to be able to offer a user experience that is on par with home computer.

In fact, the amount of information and digital content production is anything but decreasing, as is the demand of devices capable of maximizing content enjoyment – photos, video, movies, games – and sharing, while providing anywhere the same rich user experience of a home PC. In short, devices that combine the capabilities of a computer in terms of performance with innovative form factors and technologies, more suitable for the consumption of content on-the-go.

Mobile products – smartphones, netbooks, notebooks and tablets – are web communication devices coming with different sizes and performances to meet diverse usage behaviours and scenarios: from simple access to information and document via web all the way to the creation of increasingly complex content.

Acer’s strategy is very simple. As it emerges quite clearly from all forecasts, connectivity and mobility will continue to expand over the next years and the segment offers huge opportunity of growth. Acer is in the best position to embrace this transformation offering users the right tools for their mobility needs, becoming a global provider of mobile solutions–smartphone, tablet, netbook, notebook–any kind of mobile, going from content creation to content consumption.

Today, being able to offer the market a continuity of experience involving netbooks/notebooks, smartphones and tablets is of critical importance. It means being able to offer a continuity of experience that gives users a sense of security. A common Acer experience..