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Acer announces 3D Monitor Market Results for 2010


One of the most exciting innovations in monitor technology is the introduction of 3D technology. Acer embraced this new dimension with a range of Full HD 3D monitors that quickly drove the company to the leading position in the global market.

The latest data distributed by the analyst firm DisplaySearch show a growing trend for the 3D LCD display market worldwide. The introduction of 3D monitor in the market is only recent, but the segment is recording an unquestionable success, with an amazing 264% YOY growth.

In this scenario, Acer reached the top position in the global market, with a worldwide market share exceeding 40%. This result translates into an incredible four digit growth: 4393%, indicating that Acer 3D monitors hit the target, enabling a growth that outperforms the market by far.

This achievement is due to an exceptional range of 3D monitors designed to bring together the very best combination of features, attractive design and innovative technology. Thanks to its attention to user needs and market trends, Acer is able to offer an array of displays in multiple sizes that deliver vibrant 3D imagery while making viewing more comfortable and convenient.

As monitors offer a more affordable initial 3D experience than a large-screen TV, 3D Monitors are an appealing choice for users. With the increasing availability of 3D content – games, videos, movies – a 3D monitor is likely to became a must have.

“We achieved this outstanding result thanks to promptness in taking up this exciting new technology and now we find ourselves in a preeminent position.” Says Lutz Schoppe, EMEA Director for Display Products “This not only means that we are making the right decisions and are working well, it also motivates us to go beyond and reach even higher peaks”.