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Acer Inc. 2010 preliminary financial results: Record highs for consolidated revenue NT$629.7B (US$19.9B) and operating income NT$18.2B (US$575M); PAT NT$15.1B (US$476M); EPS NT$5.70


Acer Inc. announces the 2010 preliminary financial results, achieving record highs in consolidated revenues of NT$629.7B (US$19.9B) representing  9.7% (or 14.2% assessed in US$) year-on-year (YOY) growth and operating income of NT$18.2B (US$ 575 M) with 18.6% YOY growth.

The self-assessed profits after tax (PAT) reached NT$15.1B (US$476M) and earnings per share (EPS) was NT$5.7, as a result of higher operating income and non-core investment disposal gains in 2010. The PAT and EPS both mark record highs for Acer.

In Q4 2010, Acer’s results were affected by unfavorable weather and economic conditions in Europe, hence, consolidated revenues did not reach expectation at NT$149.7B (US$4.7B), down 11% (or down 7.3% assessed in US$) YOY. Operating income was NT$4.4B (US$139M), down 11.8% YOY, while the operating margin secured 2.93% due to better gross profit margin.

Besides a profitable core business, the Q4 2010 preliminary results include non-core disposal gains. PAT reached NT$3.9B (US$122M) and EPS was NT$1.46.