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Lilia Wang to Act as Acer CFO; Che-min Tu Appointed Special Assistant to the Chairman


Acer Inc.’s chief financial officer (CFO), Che-min Tu, shall transfer to the position of special assistant to the chairman, while Acer global controller and EMEA CFO, Lilia Wang, shall act as CFO.

Due to health reasons, Tu will be released from the position of Acer CFO. In his new role, Tu shall be responsible for the planning and implementation of projects assigned by Acer chairman. Meanwhile, the company will begin search for a new CFO candidate and hopes to complete the recruitment over the next four months.

Considering the overall needs of Acer’s financial unit, including organizational management and personnel planning, Wang has been chosen as acting CFO. Earlier this month, she was appointed to serve as Acer EMEA CFO, concurrent to her role of global controller. Wang has accumulated more than 25 years at Acer.