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Behind the scenes of the Olympic Games - Acer fields more than 25.000 devices and 350 technical resources


Acer and the London Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (LOCOG) are pleased to announce the signing of the Computing Equipment supply agreement which details the delivery of the core computing equipment infrastructure used to support the Games in 2012.

Acer and LOCOG will work to deliver this critical computing equipment infrastructure at an impressive scale:

•    11,000 desktops
•    10,500 monitors
•    1,500 laptops
•    1,500 touch-screens
•    900 servers
•    5 SANs (w/ 72 TB physical capacity)
•    Multiple Accessories (notebook bags, keyboards, mice, tape libraries, memories)

Alongside the delivery of mission critical computing equipment, Acer is providing the team with over 350 highly skilled technical resources, working to ensure that equipment is deployed and running flawlessly at every one of LOCOG’s venues.

Walter Deppeler, Acer EMEA President and Chief Marketing Officer, explains “Making an important contribution to the smooth and efficient running of the London 2012 Olympic Games is a very exciting task for Acer as we continue to serve more and more business customers. We want to prove that as our equipment and engineers can support the biggest sporting event in the world and satisfy the diverse needs of our Olympic customers, there is no doubt that we can also support businesses of any size.”

Gerry Pennell, Chief Information Officer, LOCOG states that “In a highly pressurized project with an immovable deadline, we rely not only on our equipment to work flawlessly, we also rely on the service and expertise delivered by our partners. Acer’s role is crucial in ensuring that the computing equipment infrastructure supporting the Games works the first time, and every time.”