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Acer wins Bangkok government tender - Provides over 21,000 PCs and servers plus related services, demonstrates Acer’s strength in the commercial PC sector


Acer Inc. has been awarded the Bangkok Metropolitan Authority (BMA) tender to supply computer systems for the “School Computer Development Project”, which aims to enhance computer literacy in primary schools. Acer Inc. will supply over 21,000 PCs and servers, making this the largest education tender project in Thailand, and demonstrating Acer’s significant progress in the commercial business market.

On June 27th, the BMA unveiled an exemplary classroom, equipped with Acer personal computers and software. The mayor of Bangkok, M.L Sukhumpan Boripat and Acer Thailand’s Managing Director, Harry Yang, were in attendance, and the event was widely-publicized by television and newspapers.

In accordance with the contract between Acer and BMA, Acer will provide 20,625 personal computers, 436 servers, educational software and networking solutions. This project represents the largest purchasing transaction ever in the Thai education sector.

Harry Yang said Acer has worked for two years on this project to successfully fulfill the stringent requirements of the Bangkok government and outshine competitive bids with the winning tender. This achievement demonstrates that Acer not only leads in consumer products and notebooks, but is also strong in commercial products and servers.

BMA will allocate Acer’s hardware, software and services to 442 primary schools, to enhance students’ computer literacy and efficiency. This project represents the Thailand government commitment to provide universal access to computers in education.

Yang also pointed out that in the Thai market Acer is the no. 1 brand in consumer notebooks, and also in a strong position in the commercial market. Last year, Acer servers and services were used by 1100 post offices in Thailand, and were also popular with many financial institutions.

Acer believes that there is potential for commercial PC growth this year. Therefore, in order to strengthen the commercial products business, a commercial taskforce team was created to build commercial solutions and optimize Acer’s full range of products. Acer will also provide products and solutions to fulfill the requirements of government, schools, small to medium businesses, and large businesses.

Acer previously built the fastest supercomputer in Taiwan for Taiwan’s National Center for High Performance Computing (NCHC); with this project for BMA, Acer once again proves very strong in the commercial computing business.

According to Gartner Dataquest statistics, Acer holds the number one position in market share for personal computers and notebooks in Thailand since 2005. Last year Acer’s market share for PC in Thailand was 27.5%, for notebooks was 33.9%; this year’s Q1 PC market share in Thailand was 28.3%, and notebook market share was 33.8%, maintaining the number one position.