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Acer C110 Pico-Projector - Smart projection via USB and ultra-light design


Pictures, videos, presentations have an increasingly prevailing role in our lives, both personal and professional. We use our smartphones and cameras to take photos or record videos and then we want to show them off to our family and friends. At work, we create presentations we need to share with our colleagues. As a result, we need the right instruments to enjoy and share this wealth of multimedia formats.

With the C110 pico-projector, Acer has created the perfect match for your notebook. Not only the new projector is extremely light and ultra compact, but doesn’t even need a power adapter and display port. It only needs a single USB cable to connect to your laptop and be powered while allowing you to enjoy your favourite movies, your holiday pictures or show your presentations.

The C110 pico-projector is designed to fit in perfectly with your mobile lifestyle. On top of working out of a single USB cable – which means no power adapter, no tangle of cables and no issues with plugs – it weighs a mere handful of grams (175 g) and measures just 110x85x25 mm, thus allowing to make brilliant presentations without adding any burden. The extreme portability is completed by a sophisticated black case that portrays refined elegance.

The Display over USB feature also makes for exceptional ease of use, as you simply need to connect the projector to the laptop to immediately display images, videos or presentations. In addition, the Acer SmartFormat technology supports a wide range of PC formats and users no longer need to worry to adjust the resolution of the notebook.

And the performance is striking. You can enjoy your multimedia with a display size varying from 30cm (12") to 254cm (100"). The 1000:1 contrast, the amazing WVGA (854x480) resolution and native 16:9 format ensure crystal clear, vibrant projections with quite impressive image quality.

To achieve the best projection wherever you are, the C110 can be provided with the optional Acer foldable screen. This screen combines extreme mobility as it can be folded to the size of a magazine, with enhanced projection thanks to the increased brilliance (double the reflex of standard projection screens) and the 25” display size that is perfect for group viewing.

The Acer C110 pico projector combines DLP technology with LED lamp technology, dramatically enhancing picture quality. LED technology offers several benefits over traditional lamps. First of all, it makes lamp replacement virtually unnecessary as a LED lamp lasts up to 20,000 hours; moreover, the lack of breakable parts, such as filaments or tubes increases durability. Finally, it can achieve higher color saturation and contrast. As a result, the images displayed are more vivid and realistic.

The C110 pico-projector is the concrete evidence of Acer continued dedication to creating greener, more environmentally friendly products, LED lamp technology is free of hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases and compared to a traditional lamp can reduce power consumption up to 30%.

Over time, projectors can be affected by colour decay that adds a yellowish or greenish shade to the images on screen. Now Acer’s projectors take advantage of ColorSafe and DLP® technology to ensure picture integrity even after prolonged use, making them virtually immune to colour decay.

The C110 pico-projector also helps you to save precious time. Thanks to the Quick Start feature the projector starts working within 5 seconds after the USB cable is connected to the laptop PC and you can leave in a hurry. With Acer InstantPack there's no need to wait for a cooling period; you just unplug and pack the projector and you are ready to leave.

Acer C110 pico-projector comes with 3 years warranty on the DLP chip and 1 year warranty on the lamp without hour limit.