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Acer proposes independent directors to oversee company compensation, financial statement and internal control to enhance corporate governance


Acer’s board of directors today proposed Sir Julian Horn-Smith as convener of the company’s Compensation Committee, and Dr. F.C. Tseng to oversee the Financial Statement and Internal Control Review Committee. Sir Julian and Dr. Tseng are the newly elected independent directors. Through their knowledge, professionalism and independent standpoint, Acer aims to fortify operations of the two committees and enhance corporate governance.

The Compensation Committee members, led by Sir Julian, include Dr. Tseng and Hsin-I Lin.

The Financial Statement and Internal Control Review Committee, led by Dr. Tseng, comprises of George Huang, Carolyn Yeh, Philip Peng and Hsin-I Lin.

In addition, the Assets Management and Handling Committee shall be overseen by Stan Shih, with Philip Peng and George Huang as members.

The Board will approve the committee guidelines and official appointments by the end of August.