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Acer MT Series Monitor TVs. Multi-functional media performance in a timeless design


With computers becoming real entertainment hubs, monitors must follow suit to let user enjoy a compelling experience, whether they are watching videos or movie, playing games or catching their favourite TV shows. A jewel of multi-functionality, Acer new monitor TV MT series is engineered to maximize and optimize the user entertainment experience.

The new MT monitor TV series combines advanced functionality and technologies with a lean and sophisticated design, making them the perfect addition to any home environment and the ideal choice for any kind of home entertainment. Sized jus right to fit anywhere in your home and to be used as a handy second TV, the MT monitor TV are available in two formats, 51 cm (20”) and 58 cm (23”).

Framed by a glossy black bezel, the MT Monitor TV series shows off a slim design, further enhanced by the hidden speakers and the touch sensitive controls that maintain the monitor’s clean lines. The graceful round base, also black and shiny, evokes a melt of metal, while subtle lighting under the display indicates the power status and its reflection on the base creates a unique effect. What’s more, all ports are located on the side, for easier access.

To ensure a superior user experience, these monitors are rich of outstanding features and can easily toggle between TV and monitor mode simply pushing the input button on the remote control. With embedded DVB-T HD, DVB-C and CI+ support, the display turns into a digital TV set giving instant access to your favourite programmes. What’s more you can record your favourite shows to an external hard drive via USB, rather than to a dedicated PRV (personal video recorder) and watch them at your leisure with as many breaks as you like thanks to the time-shift feature that allows pausing the playback. The time-lag period depends on the storage capacity of the device.

A comprehensive set of ports, including VGA, Component, SCART, S-Video and two HDMIs, ensures ample connectivity to a wide range of home entertainment devices. Plus, the HDMI port connects all high definition devices with the best quality video enabling amazing high-definition viewing and an instant hook up to DVDs, Blu-ray, set-top boxes and HD games consoles. The intelligent Monitor TVs also integrate a USB multimedia reader which provides convenient access to photos and music for easy connectivity and instant enjoyment.

With HD+ and Full HD resolutions the MT series delivers dazzling cinematic views of the latest high definition content and all formats support a 16:9 aspect ratio, the ideal size to enjoy a true-to-master picture and watch your multimedia content with the same the luxury of a theatre screen.

Moreover, the MT monitors take advantage of Acer Adaptive Contrast Management (ACM) technology that dynamically adjusts the contrast ratio to enhance colour quality and obtain ultra-sharp images. The result is awesome: achieving a contrast as high as 12,000,000:1, these displays ensure a dramatic improvement of gradation and detail especially in dimmer and brighter scenes for stunning picture quality.

With a fast 5ms response time that reduces deviations in transition time and allows the display to reproduce true to life moving images, the play-back of simply flawless videos and games is a given. True 24p frame rate conversion preserves original film quality for a real cinema-like experience, making these monitor ideal for fast moving images portraying crisp imagery without the ghosting effect.

These Acer monitor TVs also benefit from Acer display technology that brings a suite of five advanced, easy-to use optimization features designed to achieve images as close to real life as they can possibly be:

  • Gamma Correction controls the brightness level and colour ratios of red to green to blue, revealing images that are highly defined and vibrantly lifelike.
  • Progressive Scan increases the vertical resolution enhancing picture quality and clarity.
  • 3D Comb Filtering removes flickering and provides the most accurate on-screen colours.
  • Noise Reduction uses an algorithm to remove picture noise and artefacts. The result is a grain-free, crystal-clear picture
  • Pull down recovery is a technology that ensures fluid image motion and superior DVD quality, preserving the original film quality for a truly cinema-like experience.

The Acer Monitor TVs are also equipped with the Acer eColor Management system. This technology adapts the performance of the panel to different environments, light conditions and viewing preferences enabling users to fine-tune the display settings by redefining the colour precision according to the work mode: data, media, cinema or images.

Ideal for environmentally conscious users, the MT monitor TV  series monitors falls under Acer range of EcoDisplays.
Acer EcoDisplays are compliant with the most stringent international standards such as ROHS and Eup®. Plus, all packaging materials are highly recyclable and all major plastic components are properly labeled, indicating the composition code and recycling symbol.

All the MT models integrate White LED technology that does away with hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases and allows the reduction of power consumption by up to 68% compared to the traditional CFFL displays. What’s more, LED lamps not only ensure exceptional reliability and great savings but deliver a better performance. In fact, they allow the reproduction of a larger color range with better saturation: the result is extraordinary realism, unobtainable with standard technologies. Acer EcoDisplays are also free of hazardous substances, such as PVC and BFR, in casing, printed circuits laminates, connectors and internal cables, for both system and panel.

The Acer series of Monitor TVs offer a perfect combination of display and TV technologies with the possibility of delivering high performing graphics via the PC as well as having the additional benefit of TV functionality.