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Acer Predator G3100 desktop - High-definition entertainment, multitasking and more

CeBIT – Hannover

Whether you are looking for the best visual experience to watch seamless videos or crisp photos, or top performance to create or edit videos or be productive, the new Acer Predator G3100 matches and exceeds all these needs.

Acer has developed the Predator G3100 to answer the need of passionate gamers and HD enthusiasts for rich graphics, beautiful detail and superior performance. Powered by a choice of multi-core AMD processors and boasting advanced graphics solutions, the Acer Predator G3100 brings outstanding performance and dazzling HD entertainment and graphics.

Tall and slim, the Predator 3100 flaunts eye-catching orange stripes running along the front and side giving the body a streamlined visual effect. The angled surfaces evoke speed and power, while the grooves on the front add a high-tech mood. The top, slightly slanted to provide better accessibility to the USB and audio ports, features a groove design allowing different sized cables to fit in between. A back handle makes it easy to carry it around.

The front of the case can houses an Easy-Swap Hard Drive Bay, offering an easy way to expand the storage capabilities of the Predator G3100. When the disk is full you simply have to replace it with a new one. What’s more you can effortlessly take the disk and slide it into other devices with a hard disk bay to enjoy your movies or pictures with your friends and family

Featured on the Predator G3100 is the Acer Arcade Deluxe 4.0 the best way to manage your digital library. Bundled in a cool and simple interface are:

  • Arcade Photo: an intuitive tool for easily and quickly managing and showing your favourite pictures
  • Arcade Videos: view your videos, convert them to other formats or store them online
  • Arcade Music: the hub where to keep and play all your music files.

Whether it’s playing games, cloud computing or editing home videos, with the Predator G3100 you will enjoy a better experience. AMD VISION enables the ultimate visual experience for high definition entertainment, gaming, creativity and more. You will be able to do more of the things you want in less time and enhance your digital life with multicore performance and energy efficiency.

A powerful combination of the latest AMD processors, DirectX® 11 compliant ATI Radeon™ graphics and AMD 8-Series chipsets deliver superior performance for HD gaming and multi-threaded applications. Up to six core processing can speed through the most demanding tasks and can greatly improve everyday computing experience letting users manage serious multitasking and productivity tasks with ease, create advanced graphics and visuals and engage in intensive gaming.

To let you take full advantage of the latest digital technologies and let you enjoy movies at their best, the Predator G3100 may be equipped with a Blu-ray Disc™ drive that delivers stunning high definition videos and an HDMI port to conveniently connect to the latest high-definition systems via a single cable link. Add the digital and analog hybrid TV-tuner that lets you watch digital or traditional TV, record TV shows or capture videos and you are ready for a superb entertainment experience, a true feast for your senses.

Storage-wise the Predator G3100 offers abundant space for any digital library. Up to three high capacity SATA hard disk drives with as much as 2TB of space each offer exceptional flexibility and massive storage capability. The multi-in-one card reader supporting a wide variety of memory cards plus 12 USB ports make it easy to manipulate and share your files.

With up to 16 GB of DDR3 memory, the system speeds through multitasking and video playback, while second generation PCI Express® optimizes computer components, such as high-end discrete graphics cards and network cards for the fastest performance available.
Depending on the model, the Predator G3100 can also be equipped with two USB 3.0 ports, that transfer data to and from external devices 10 times faster than before, use 1/3 the power of USB 2.0, and recharge devices more quickly.

Effortless connectivity to both wired and wireless networks is ensured by fast Gigabit Ethernet, for reliable cable connection, and 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ module for trouble-free wireless navigation.